Unreal Engine 4: How to Develop Your First Two Games

Epic Games-Approved: learn the Unreal Editor, master the gameplay framework, and use Blueprint to program without coding

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RS 449
What Will I Learn?
  • By the time you complete the course, you will have a holistic understanding of the utility of the engine. You will start your project with confidence and a strong awareness of how Unreal Engine 4 can work for you to build an interactive experience that meets your interests/needs.

Curriculum For This Course
3 Sections 25 Lessons 06:13:56 Hours
Course Content
9 Lessons 02:19:24 Hours
  • Introduction 00:26:04 Preview
  • Toolset Overview and using the Geometry Tools 00:15:28
  • Static Meshes and Materials 00:22:05
  • Creating A Basic Room 00:07:49
  • Detailing The Room 00:18:40
  • Lighting an Environment 00:13:47
  • Post Processing 00:12:05
  • Using Sequencer to Make Videos 00:00:51
  • Finishing Touches (Part A) 00:22:35
  • Pinball - Introduction to Blueprint 00:05:59
  • Using Traces 00:24:10
  • Pinball - Overlaps 00:03:50
  • Pinball - Lights 00:38:35
  • Pinball - Flippers 00:01:04
  • Pinball - User Interaction & Player Controllers 00:27:44
  • Pinball - Spawning and Delegates 00:19:09
  • Pinball - Gamemode 00:09:37
  • Pinball - Developing a Scoring System (Part A) 00:03:58
  • Pinball - Entering and Displaying High Scores 00:08:40
  • Survival Game - Introduction 00:31:20
  • Creating a Landspace 00:16:47
  • Sculpting Tools 00:03:56
  • Landscapes - Painting tools 00:13:10
  • Landscapes - Advanced landscape painting 00:16:47
  • Landscapes - Material distance blending 00:09:46
  • A desire to build interactive experiences by leveraging Unreal Engine 4.
  • Have some basic computer skills; know how to install software and explore a new application with curiosity.
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Approved by Epic Games and taught by Unreal Engine Evangelist Chris Murphy, this course is for any developer wishing to work in Unreal Engine for creating interactive experiences and/or enterprise fields of real time training simulation, visualization, and media/entertainment. Create realistic games with the complete game development tool -  Unreal Engine 4. Start with the fundamentals so that you build a solid base understanding.

Know the basics of how to operate a computer? Maybe a little bit of game design or coding experience? Visual arts designer? You are ready! Learn step by step by creating 3 unique projects. Chris teaches through demonstrations so you will be applying real skills in each lecture.

Get a complete introduction to core competency with the editor, learn how the engine works and how it works to help make your project run efficiently, how to use assets to customize your project, design and create interactivity, and have the tools and strategies to debug an error. 

By the end of this course you can design and create working projects that could include games, architectural visualization, training simulations, and media entertainment. Plus, you will be aware of the tools and techniques that you need to focus on your area of interest. 

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RS 449
The course includes
  • 06:13:56 Hours On Demand Videos
  • 25 Lessons
  • 30 Days Access
  • Access On Mobile And Tv

Unreal Engine 4: How to Develop Your First Two Games

Beginner 0(0 Ratings) 0 Students Enrolled
RS 449