React Native: Advanced Concepts

Master the advanced topics of React Native: Animations, Maps, Notifications, Navigation and More!

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What Will I Learn?
  • Make compelling applications using expert-level features of React Native
  • Build new React Native apps with Expo
  • Add logic to your Firebase backend with Google Cloud Functions
  • Handle your users going offline with Redux Persist
  • Create amazingly smooth and performant animations
  • Understand the latest Navigation options for new React Native apps
  • Update your users with cross platform Push Notifications

Curriculum For This Course
5 Sections 18 Lessons 02:21:01 Hours
Course Content
4 Lessons 00:23:53 Hours
  • Introduction 00:05:41 Preview
  • Github Links 00:01:59
  • Creating React Native Apps 00:08:56
  • Why Expo? 00:07:17
  • The Pan Responder System 00:05:45
  • Pan Responder's Event Handlers 00:05:14
  • Dragging a Card 00:11:44
  • Animating Single Cards 00:16:06
  • How to Rotate Elements 00:04:06
  • Interpolating Rotation Values 00:05:31
  • Linear Relations with Interpolation 00:08:38
  • Writing Reusable Components 00:21:54
  • The DefaultProps System 00:07:32
  • Resetting Card Position 00:07:40
  • Advancing the Deck 00:05:59
  • Review of Common Auth Flows 00:05:39
  • The Details of One Time Passwords 00:09:40
  • Tech Stack with Google Cloud Functions 00:01:40
  • Basic understanding of React Native
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Note: This course assumes you've got the basics of React Native down.  Check out my course 'The Complete React Native and Redux' course, its the perfect preparation!

Go beyond the basics of React Native!  This course will teach you the advanced topics you need to make a #1 best-selling app.

Push Notifications? You will learn it.  In Depth Animations? Included.  Offline Data PersistenceOf course!


What Will You Build?

All of my courses are 'learn-by-doing': no boring endless lectures with Powerpoints, only live, interactive coding examples.  In this course we'll build three separate apps with increasing complexity, each of which will profile different features of React Native.  By putting each concept into a real app, you'll get a better idea of when to use each unique and powerful feature.

1) Build a Tinder-like Swipe Deck. Yes, the classic animated component!  We'll make a big stack of beautiful cards that a user can slide around the screen, swiping right to 'like' an item, or 'left' to dislike an item.  This warmup will get you familiar with interpreting touch input through the PanResponder system, moving elements around with the Animated module, and turning extrapolating animation values through the Interpolation system.

2) Dive into the backend with One Time Password authentication. Ever been prompted to sign in using a code that gets texted to you?  One Time Passwords are a new authentication flow that leverages a user's phone number as their unique identifying token.  We will use the Twilio API to send a text message to a user to verify their identity, while securing our business logic into Firebase's new Google Cloud Functions.

3) Your own Job-Search app.  Tinder for jobs! This app is is 100

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RS 499
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  • 02:21:01 Hours On Demand Videos
  • 18 Lessons
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React Native: Advanced Concepts

Beginner 0(0 Ratings) 0 Students Enrolled
RS 499