Create Your First React Native App

A crash course in building your first React Native app in a weekend or less!

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RS 449
What Will I Learn?
  • How to use the most common React Native components
  • Setup various types of navigation
  • Confidently create future React Native applications
  • Install and configure third party packages
  • Design reusable React Native components

Curriculum For This Course
4 Sections 12 Lessons 02:22:50 Hours
Course Content
2 Lessons 00:29:10 Hours
  • Introduction 00:08:56 Preview
  • Installing React Native 00:20:14
  • API Overview: FlatList Component 00:10:15
  • Exercise: Create a Basic FlatList 00:10:35
  • Organizing the Component Directory 00:16:16
  • API Overview: StyleSheet & Flexbox 00:08:16
  • API Overview: Platform 00:05:21
  • Overview of and Installing React Navigation 00:05:32
  • Exercise: Defining a StackNavigator 00:06:37
  • Implementation: Defining a StackNavigator 00:08:23
  • API Overview: Custom Navigation Bar Title 00:23:10
  • API Overview: ScrollView Component 00:19:15
  • Basics of Javascript and some ES6 syntax
  • Comfortable using the command line (basic usage in this course)
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Interested in learning React Native but don’t want to spend the hours and hours searching for answers to errors you’ve never seen before, hunting down the right packages, frustratingly asking yourself why you can’t figure something so seemingly simple out, and becoming best friends with user90210 on StackOverflow?

This course is designed to get you up and running with React Native as quickly as possibly while introducing you to the most critical pieces of React Native development. It’s not the end-all-be-all - it’s designed to get you started fast while building a firm foundation.

There’s nothing like building your first app - and that’s what this course will help you accomplish.

React Native enables anyone with a computer and basic Javascript knowledge to develop native apps quickly and provide a user experience that no other Javascript based mobile solution has been able to provide before. With the likes of Facebook, Airbnb, Instagram, Tesla, and dozens more - there’s no doubt that React Native is the right solution for your mobile app.

We’ll cover

  • Scrolling lists

  • Designing and creating reusable components

  • Project organization

  • Navigation

  • Core APIs

  • Installing third party packages

  • And more…

And we’ll do this for both iOS and Android.

What if you’ve already built a React Native app?

Well, how do you feel about it? Are you confident in the choices you made? Do you feel like you’ve got a solid foundation of knowledge and experience? If so, then this course probably isn’t for you. However, if you feel like you were hacking a lot of things together, pasting code from StackOverflow that you didn’t truly understand, then you should consider joining.

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RS 449
The course includes
  • 02:22:50 Hours On Demand Videos
  • 12 Lessons
  • 30 Days Access
  • Access On Mobile And Tv

Create Your First React Native App

Beginner 0(0 Ratings) 0 Students Enrolled
RS 449