The Complete JavaScript Course 2021

*** The #1 bestselling JavaScript course on this plateform! *** *** Completely re-built from scratch in October 2021 ***

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What Will I Learn?
  • 1. Become an advanced, confident, and modern JavaScript developer from scratch.
  • 2. Become job-ready by understanding how JavaScript really works behind the scenes.
  • 3. JavaScript fundamentals: variables, if/else, operators, boolean logic, functions, arrays, objects, loops, strings, etc
  • 4. Modern OOP: Classes, constructors, prototypal inheritance, encapsulation, etc.
  • 5. Asynchronous [removed] Event loop, promises, async/await, AJAX calls and APIs.

Curriculum For This Course
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  • 1. No coding experience is necessary to take this course! I take you from beginner to expert!
  • 2. Any computer and OS will work — Windows, macOS or Linux. We will set up your text editor the course.
  • 3. A basic understanding of HTML and CSS is a plus, but not a must! The course includes an HTML and CSS crash course.
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***?The #1 bestselling JavaScript?course on Udemy! ***

*** Completely re-built from scratch in October 2020 (68 hours video) ***

"Really, really well made course. Super in-depth, with great challenges and projects that will solidify your Javascript understanding. I found the lectures were paced perfectly -- Jonas doesn't skip over anything that might be useful to a JS developer"?? Carson Bartholomew

JavaScript is the most popular programming language in the world. It powers the entire modern web. It provides millions of high-paying jobs all over the world.

That's why you want to learn JavaScript too. And you came to the right place!

Why is this the right JavaScript course for you?

This is the most complete JavaScript course on Udemy. It's an all-in-one package that will take you from the very fundamentals of JavaScript, all the way to building modern and complex applications.

You will learn modern JavaScript from the very beginning, step-by-step. I will guide you through?practical and fun code examples,?important theory?about how JavaScript works behind the scenes, and?beautiful and complete projects.

You will also learn how to think like a developer, how to plan application features, how to architect your code, how to debug code, and a lot of other real-world skills that you will need on your developer job.

And unlike other courses, this one actually contains beginner, intermediate, advanced, and even expert topics, so?you don't have to buy any other course in order to master JavaScript?from the ground up!

But... You don't have to go into all these topics. This is a huge course, because, after all, it's "The Complete JavaScript Course". In fact, it's like many courses in one!?But you can become an excellent developer by watching only parts of the course. That's why I built this course in a very modular way, and designed pathways that will take you through the course faster.

By the end of the course, you will have the knowledge and confidence that you need in order to ace your job interviews and become a professional developer.


Why am I the right JavaScript teacher for you?

My name is Jonas, I'm an experienced web developer and designer, and one of Udemy's top instructors. I have been teaching this bestselling course since 2016 to over 400,000 developers, always listening to feedback and understanding exactly how students actually learn.

Recently, I took all my teaching experience to build this new and greatly improved JavaScript course. It's now the best and most in-depth JavaScript course that you will find on Udemy (and maybe the entire internet).

I know how students learn JavaScript and what they need in order to master it. And with that knowledge, I designed the ideal course curriculum.?It's a unique blend of real-world projects, deep explanations, theory lectures, and challenges, that will take you from zero to an expert and confident JavaScript developer in just a couple of weeks.

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