VB . NET with VS 2017 and Windows Forms

With Early OOP, Connections to C# and the .NET Framework Source Code

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RS 549
What Will I Learn?
  • Learn how to work with events
  • Learn Visual Basic . NET
  • Learn how to control program flow
  • Learn how to build a text editor with saving, opening and printing and other functions
  • Learn the practical benefits of polymorphism
  • Learn how to use a variety of looping structures in a practical context
  • Learn Basic Graphical Interface Design
  • Learn How to Build DLL's
  • Learn about the .NET Framework source code
  • Learn how C# powers the .NET Framework and how VB relates
  • Learn how to use the memory window
  • Please read the course curriculum to see everything the course has to offer

Curriculum For This Course
3 Sections 23 Lessons 04:05:13 Hours
Course Content
10 Lessons 01:23:54 Hours
  • Get Visual Studio 2017 Community 00:11:20 Preview
  • Create and Run First Windows Form Program 00:11:35
  • Dig into Solutions and Projects 00:11:35
  • Understand a Basic Namespace and Class 00:09:38
  • Build a Form with a Button, Part 1 00:19:09
  • Add a Click Event Code Handler, Part 2 00:00:29
  • Add MessageBox.Show to Event Handler, Part 3 00:06:53
  • Use One Variable With Trackbar Control, Part 1 00:05:47
  • Explore the Label Class with TrackBar, Part 2 00:01:28
  • Use Function Chaining 00:06:00
  • Build Interface with Check Box and Calendar Control, Part 1 00:18:34
  • Add Code to Power Check Box, Part 2 00:14:04
  • Break from Programming: Understand the Class Designer File 00:09:55
  • Break from Programming: Understand the New Keyword More 00:09:55
  • Using If With Functions and Enumerations, Part 1 (Interface) 00:05:56
  • Calculator Overview 00:16:45
  • Add DLL with Calculator Class, Part-2 00:10:41
  • Build Calculator Interface, Part 3 00:19:22
  • Update DLL to Disable Making Math Class Objects, Part 4 00:03:24
  • Add Math Operation Calls, Part 5 00:14:56
  • Add Button Click Handler, Part 6 00:04:21
  • Add Highlighting, Part 7 00:24:17
  • Digging into the .Net Framework, Part 8 00:09:09
  • Ability to download and install Visual Studio 2017 (100% free)
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Most Important Thing: Please take the time to watch the free preview videos, so you can be sure my style of presentation, the pace of presentation, and the overall feel of the course are truly what you are looking for.

Who should join:

0. This is a course for those who are willing to push themselves. It's not a "basic" introduction that gives an overly simplified perspective on VB. In places, this code connects to the .NET framework, which is a professional level code base written in C#.  My promise is simple: take this course, and you'll discover details not taught in any other course.  Speaking from experience, I can tell you that it is through consistent, daily effort, and I don't mean little effort, but wholehearted effort, that one makes progress when it comes to these technical subjects. That's what years of struggling have taught me.

1. This course uses the latest preview version of Visual Studio 2017

2.  This course jumps into aspects of object-oriented programming early, so you can see real VB as soon as possible.

     a. This does not mean that every aspect of OOP is covered immediately

    b. It just mentions enough OOP to see what's needed to make reasonable progress

3. This course provides detailed explanations, so please be sure you enjoy fine detail before enrolling

4. If you are looking for fast, superficial explanations, and five minutes videos, this course will NOT help you

5.  There are videos on what happens in your computer memory and how the .NET Framework and C# connect to VB . NET

6. When I delve into the .NET Framework source code, you will also see C# in operation, and therefore the code will be complex.

7. Clear, crisp audio done with a studio microphone

8. Review questions are now embedded directly into the videos at different points, and there are many of them in the videos

9. You will not see videos on things like printing 1,2,3,4,5 using a loop because this has little practical value

10. You will see more practical videos on things like using loops to read files/write files 

11. The videos are straightforward code examples, with no talking head or distracting graphics

12. Some of my explanations step through the code line by line using the debugger,  so if you are impatient, this likely will not work for you

13. There is a text editor project on the bottom

14. You also learn about the practical implications of polymorphism and interfaces

15. I also show you how to use a variety of features in Visual Studio 2017

16. You can adjust the playback speed on the player very easily to 0.5, 0.75, 1.25,1.5 and 2 times the regular speed so you can learn at a pace that truly works for you

Who Should Not Join:

1. People who want to learn VB . NET through console programs

2. Those who are not ready to be exposed to object-oriented programming

3. People who want five-minute videos would not be the right fit for this course

4. People who do not enjoy detailed explanations would not be the right fit for this course

5. People who do not want to answer review questions would not be the right fit for this course

6. People who are not willing to do whatever it takes to push their skills higher

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RS 549
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VB . NET with VS 2017 and Windows Forms

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RS 549